Home Center Selection

Earning the Opportunity to Work With You

Home centers (who you buy your NXT home from) play an important role. Your home center consultant will be your primary contact throughout the home selection and buying process, so we’re only offering the NXT homes at certain home centers.

Just down the Road

All of the home centers where NXT homes are available are located close enough to our home building facility — Clayton Homes in Athens, Texas — that it allows us to stay in close contact with you and with the home center, and always keep you in the loop. Plus, homes and parts are delivered faster, so whether it’s time to move in or if a repair or warranty issue does arise down the road, you’re never left waiting.

Customer Focused

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a way of measuring customer satisfaction. Major Companies use NPS to measure customer satisfaction, and so do we. Clayton Athens, along with the home centers that sell our homes, highly values customer feedback. It plays an important role in everything that we do.

While NPS scores say a lot, we go one level deeper, making sure every home center selling NXT homes is known for being customer-focused, transparent and helpful to all customers throughout the home buying process.