Our Team

Victoria Talley

Customer Success Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2021
"As Customer Success Coordinator I have the opportunity to support and work alongside our sales department, engage in relationships with our retailers and freight companies, and be a part of our families receiving their homes to make forever memories in! We strive to make sure our families and retailers have a wonderful experience with Clayton Athens!" - Victoria

Ashley Shetler

Customer Success Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2021
“As the sales coordinator for Clayton Athens I get the opportunity to assist our sales team in providing the best customer service and sales experience. We do our best to ensure these homes get to their families in perfect condition and as soon as possible so that memories can start being made in them!” – Ashley

Trevor Whitten

Customer Care Coordinator
Employed in the industry since: 2018
“My job is to extend care to our customers; which incorporates compassion, gentleness, kindness and goodness. This personal policy informs all interactions between myself, our customers and my team.” - Trevor

Derek Allen

Parts Acquisition Specialist
Employed in the industry since: 2016
"My role in this position has allowed me to see and experience the heart and needs of our Home Buyers. I have been equipped to be able to reach out through different channels to be a working part of a hopeful and great customer experience!" - Derek

Kristy Barnes

Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2017

"The main priority of the EHS Manager is to ensure that all employees, vendors and guests walk out of the building the same way they walked in; happy, healthy and injury free. Creating a safe working environment for our employees ensures that each home is built by engaged and focused employee’s. We want vendors and guests to feel and be safe as they tour the plant and know that their safety and the safety of our employees is our number one priority. Being ISO 14001 Certified also lets the customer know that Clayton cares about the environment and is doing everything we can to protect our environment by reducing waste and saving energy."

- Kristy

Richard Danneheim

Production Manager
Employed in the industry since: 1997
"My role as the leader of the Clayton Athens production team is to ensure that the Gateway and B.O.S.S. processes are implemented to their highest level  to ensure that our customers are getting the quality homes that they expect and deserve." - Richard

Jeff Garner

IT/Engineering Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2016
"My role of IT/Engineering Manager allows me to manage multiple A/V Systems including the eleven Communication Centers on the Production floor, all of which streamlines communications and operations that directly affect the quality and timing of home production. In addition to my IT and Engineering work, I also represent Clayton Athens as the Director of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and lead the Pride Team which promotes servant leadership by providing community events and supporting local charities. All of what I do at Clayton Athens helps to create a positive and supportive work culture, which allows team members to build homes to their best potential." - Jeff

Doug Hall

Customer Care Parts Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2020
"My role at Clayton Homes is to ensure prompt customer care to the new home owner by attending to any service and/or parts needs that may arise." - Doug

Crystal Honerkamp

Quality Assurance Manager
Employed in the industry since: 1994
"My role at Clayton is to help team members build homes in compliance with the HUD code as well as meeting the customer's standards. I manage a team that works to make sure that they don't let a home leave the facility that they wouldn't be happy and proud to live in themselves. This helps to ensure that our customer's dream home is exactly how they want it." - Crystal

Austin Long

Team Member Experience Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2020
"As the Team Member Experience Manager, my main focus is ensuring that all of our Team Member have the tools and opportunities they need to be successful in their careers. This includes training and developmental programs, compensation, communication, new hire experience, benefits, and anything else that could improve employee engagement. Fully engaged employees produce higher quality products, are more efficient, and are less likely to suffer injury on the job. My goal is to make Clayton Athens a World Class place to work!" -Austin

Ashley Marcum

Customer Care Coordinator
Employed in the industry since: 2017
"My role at Clayton Homes is to provide excellent customer care at all levels and to ensure the ultimate home buying experience." - Ashley

Josh Morrison

Brand Experience Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2002
"As a Brand Experience Manager I work with our CSMs to provide the best team and customer experience possible.  Our goal is to provide transparency for our customers throughout the entire buying process and after the sale. Through our website we will enable the customer to make appointments for tours of our facility and also walk display models we have on site.  Our goal is to help Build Happyness from the customer’s first contact to well after they have settled into their new home." - Josh

Roberto Reyna

Customer Success Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2000
"As an Experience Advisor, I am going to change the mentality from selling to a retailer to engaging with the customer and giving the retailers the tools and knowledge to create best customer experience possible. I have been in the industry for 18 years and counting, and have learned a lot from working in the Production Line, Service, Quality, and Sales. I want to bring my knowledge to the customer." - Roberto

Ruben Reyna

Materials Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2000
"My role as material manager directly affects a sequence of several customers. First off, we are a facility that was built around the importance of team member experience. My first customers are the team members. I strive to keep them running production every day without any type of material shortage. By considering the team members’ needs, I then directly affect the timeline of the retailer buying the home and eventually the end customer that is given a date for completion and delivery." - Ruben

Sam Roberson

Training Coordinator
Employed in the industry since: 1997
"My focus as the training coordinator is to ensure the effectiveness of the training provided and follow up with the new members to ensure their confidence in their newly acquired job skills. It is imperative to coordinate the transition to their new life within the Clayton family here in Athens. I am proud of the team, the facility and our leadership here. It is my honor to be a part of this team and to help us become stronger, happier and  more confident in everything we do." - Sam

Danielle Stone

TMX/HR Coordinator
Employed in the industry since: 2016
My role as the TMX/HR Coordinator here at Clayton Athens is to support every Team Member to ensure their experience is the best it can be. My primary duties are to ensure quality management of the team’s payroll, benefit support, new hire startup and when needed, guiding them through any special situations. It’s a rewarding challenge being able to help those who build such beautiful homes!

Clint Weltman

Customer Success Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2014
"My goal as a Customer success Manager is to engage with all retail partners to ensure we can provide the best possible customer experience to them and our future home owners. I want to ensure there is an open and transparent line of communication with our retail partners so they can provide the most knowledge and best experience to our home owners." - Clint

Sandra White

Customer Care Manager
Employed in the industry since: 2015
"My role as Clayton Athens' Customer Care Manager is to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers through providing exemplary service. I also have the opportunity to connect on a personal level with customers to improve not only the quality of our relationship but their lives. My ultimate goal is creating customers for life." - Sandra White

Michael Williams

General Manager
Employed in the industry since: 1994
"A happy customer starts with a home building team that loves coming to work.  My ambition in Athens is to provide a culture where team members are not only happy to be here, but are free and highly encouraged to make recommendations that make Clayton Athens a better facility.  I want every team member in Athens to be engaged and faithful in the customer’s happiness as well.  This is made possible by linking the processes we do each day to a family anxiously awaiting the completion of their new home. Our commitment is to build a quality home that is affordable, all while helping our customers through the process along the way.  Leading our team in this direction will insure that we Build Happyness for our team and customers alike." - Michael